General Contracting

Provide services, material, labor and equipment to prosecute the work required. Responsible for oversight of the trades, subcontractors and site for the project. Typically for a fixed price or cost plus contract amount.

Design Build Services

Assume responsibility for the project in its entirety. Architect/designer, engineer and contractor are on the same team providing unified recommendation for the project's delivery.

"At Risk" Construction Management

Commit to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) that is based on available construction drawings and specifications. Manage and control the construction costs to not exceed the GMP while delivering the project on time and in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Build to Suit / Turn Key Construction

A construction delivery method where OCI is committed to completing the project in accordance with specified criteria prior to construction. A fixed price is given for the scope of work spelled out by the criteria and the developer's cost will not exceed the aforementioned fixed price.

Construction Management / Owner's Representative

Organize, schedule and mobilize personnel, (which may include professionals such as architects and engineers) as well as materials, according to the owner/developer's desires and requirements.

Development Construction Services

Typically offered during the pre-construction phase of a project, these services aim to improve the planning, coordinating and control of a project. Identifying any potential problems and/or cost overruns for the clients are just a few of the benefits provided by these services.

Due Diligence for Construction Concerns

A service that can be utilized during any phase of construction and allows us (OCI) to utilize our subcontractors’ knowledge and expertise of the construction industry. Budget analyses, identifying problematic site conditions, and defining scope of work are a few of the features offered to ensure that our clients receive what they purchase. We also assist clients in determining such items as capital improvement costs and schedules.

Additional Construction Services

Utilizing any one, some, or all of these services will relieve many construction-related concerns as well as provide quality control for the following issues:

  • Budgeting
  • Estimating
  • Final Pricing/Buyout
  • Acquisition of inspections and permits
  • Coordination of trades
  • Production of as-builds and redlined documents
  • Acquisition of the use and occupancy certificate
  • Project accounting
  • Creation of audit trail
  • Assist with annual computation of budget versus actual construction costs by project/building/campus (ongoing)
  • Value engineering
  • Availability to aid in material selections
  • Acquisition of tenant sign-off for applicable change orders and billing of same
  • Interaction with Management for operationally sound/energy efficient fit-outs
  • Tenant sign off at project completion
  • Plan and specification review to alert the client and tenant to potential problems and cost overruns
  • Information capture/consolidation at project completion
  • Work with Management and the Design Professionals to develop standardized finish selections
  • Standardization of design and engineering criteria

Strategic Benefits

  • Ensure quality control regardless of size, location, type of construction or discipline of project
  • Create a format by which construction services are provided in a competent and consistent manner
  • Assist leasing agents, property managers, etc. with advice and service capabilities in all areas of construction and construction services
  • Provide competitive costing by utilizing the bid process with select, qualified and capable subcontractors, general contractors, consultants and professional service providers
  • Establish standard procedures for record keeping, reporting format, audit trail, construction methods and practices, project finalization and close out
  • Comply with requirements and pursue the highest quality
  • Better manage and utilize personnel / assets / overhead
  • Reduce overhead needs
  • Add credibility to deliver products to the marketplace
  • Add speed and flexibility delivering the product